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Maciej Obara Quartet

Frozen Silence

Obara and pianist Dominik Wania represent the young, progressive Polish jazz generation, which sustains the legacy of the old grand masters, Krzysztof Komeda and Tomasz Stańko. To share the stage with our Polish friends, we profile two of Norway's best jazz musicians, possessing an energy drive strong enough to propel a freight train across bare ground. Welcome to a concert of modern, melodious European jazz with exceptional punch!

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Maciej Obara Quartet by Jacek Poremba_5.jpg

Venue: Amtmandens
Date: Friday 19 April at 8;00 pm

Tickets: NOK 325/NOK 225

Marius Neset – saxophone

Helge Lien – piano

Arild Andersen – bass

Håkon Mjåset Johansen – percussion

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