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Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir is a versatile and innovative composer and guitarist based in Oslo and Reykjavik. As an artist, she tours the world and has collaborated with musicians in India, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Iceland and New York, among other places. As a composer, she wrote a project for the Norwegian Parliament for Vossa Jazz's 50th anniversary in 2023 and is currently working on an orchestral piece for Ultima in 2024.

Her debut album, Marble, garnered rave reviews. On the sequel, Mirage, LILJA has collaborated with four traditionalists from different parts of the world: Sápmi, Pakistan, Morocco and Brazil.

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Morten Espeland trapp med effekter.jpg

Venue: Amtmandens
Date: Thursday 13 March at 8.00 pm

Tickets: NOK 325/NOK 225

Oddrun Lilja – guitars and compositions

Sanne Rambags – vocals

Jo Skaansar – bass

Erik Nylander – drums

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